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Belkin and Shimano extend partnership

After a very successful 2013 Belkin Pro Cycling Team and SHIMANO agreed on extending their collaboration. Today they announced a new partnership for two more years. The team started 2013 as Blanco Pro Cycling Team. Days before the start of the 2013 Tour de France the team announced the sponsorship of Belkin. SHIMANO supported the team throughout the whole season. A season where Belkin Pro Cycling Team won 38 races.

Richard Plugge, managing director Belkin Pro Cycling Team:”Our partnership with SHIMANO is very important. They have been a valuable and loyal partner for more than 15 years. Even when we were in search for a new main sponsor, they gave us all the support, flexibility and time we needed.  SHIMANO is one of the main pillars of our success in 2013. With their top level components and wheels we won many races. And I have all the confidence that we can exceed our 2013 wins next year.”

Hennie Stamsnijder, sport marketing manager SHIMANO Europe:”We had absolutely no hesitation to extend the partnership with Belkin Pro Cycling Team. Their approach matches our vision, goals and methods perfectly. They are innovative, give valuable feedback and are always pushing to be the best.”

About Belkin Pro Cycling Team

The Belkin Pro Cycling Team riders and staff are determined to create an upbeat and transparent future. We will play a role in taking cycling to where it belongs; in the heart and mind of cycling fans around the world. We will build and foster great cycling talent and we will inspire a new generation of riders and fans. The team is committed to perform at the highest level and we will do so in an honest and trustworthy way. We welcome you to join us on this ride. Ride the future.


Over the past 90 years, Shimano established as the world’s leading manufacturer of bike components thanks to their record for outstanding innovation and reliability in all conditions. The functionality and quality of our products is always the base and that is where we are famous for. Dura-Ace, Shimano’s flagship components in the racing world, always adopts the latest cutting-edge technologies like Di2. Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence), which was developed to enhance the potential of components by fusion with electronic devices, has dramatically improved shifting speed and accuracy.